How to Shop Like a Pro

Grocery shopping can be annoying! What should you buy? How do you avoid all of the temptation? Learn it all with Ralitza.

Proteins, Fats & Carbs... Oh My!

What is a macronutrient and why does it matter? Learn more with Dr. Meaghan.

Reading Labels

Do you know what to look for on a packaged food label? Break it down line by line in this bonus video with Jen.

Eating the Rainbow

Join Ralitza to explore the topic of phytonutrients & the importance of getting colour in your diet!

How Caffeine Affects your Hormones

Is your daily coffee negatively affecting your health? Learn more in this bonus video with Dr. Meaghan.

Digestive Habits

Learn about some simple mealtime habits and the impact they can have on your health in this bonus video with Jen.

Emotional Eating

Explore this vast topic with Ralitza as she shares tips & tricks in this video & bonus sheet.

Bonus Sheet - Emotional Eating Support.pdf

To Organic... or Not to Organic?

Learn more about the topic of organic foods in this video from Dr. Meaghan!